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Christy Bergland Maine Scape Series

Maine Scape Series

My Maine studio provides a home for my point of view of land and sea. Again the works confirm and celebrate my relationship with this beautiful world.

Christy Bergland Collaborative Art Series

Collaborative Art Series

My life as an artist is part of an artistic tradition through time. I learn from the masters - one way is to make visual duets with them.

Christy Bergland Wooden and Acrylic Box Series

Wooden and Acrylic Box Series

This series sprang out of my recognition that external reality is the contextual container for internal experience. Hence I began using the wooden acrylic box as the vehicle for this concept.

Christy Bergland Early Seasons of Great Pond Series

Early Seasons of Great Pond Series

This 5 panel panorama series of the Early Seasons of Great Pond follows the Late Seasons series. Here I have also included a Late Summer panel, a nod to acupuncture's 5th season.

Christy Bergland Late Seasons Of Great Pond Series

Late Seasons Of Great Pond Series

My 16 piece series of the Late Seasons of Great Pond where my Maine studio is located was inspired by my being profoundly moved by my experience as an acupuncture patient and coming to be with the many seasons and climates within me.

Christy Bergland Other Landscape Series

Other Landscape Series

Where ever I travel I am most at home painting and drawing along the way.

Christy Bergland Figure Drawing Series

Figure Drawing Series

A mainstay in the development of my drawing ability is working from The Figure and the space in which that Figure is found. It is here where I risk experimenting with various media while continuing to probe the integrity of The Figure as I experience it.

Christy Bergland Brown Ink Series

Brown Ink Series

The warmth of the brown color; the freshness of working with ink and the exciting challenge of continuing the drawing process no matter what kind of marks happen, is my most immediate connection with discovery.

Christy Bergland Photo Collage Series

Photo Collage Series

The Photo Collage Series began when I found I could join images, which often had opposite elements, to reflect a transition (with a seam) into one whole image. For instance, in "Ice-Sky Winter BP Maine" the ice becomes sky and the sky becomes ice.

Christy Bergland Encaustic Collage Series

Encaustic Collage Series

The encaustic collage series furthers the depth of experience that the acrylic box series began by allowing multiple layers using wax from thick impasto to paper thin translucent veils.

Christy Bergland Cityscape Series

Cityscape Series

From views from my Baltimore studio in the Jones Falls Valley the artworks which have emerged are in part a confirmation and celebration of my sense of being where I am.

Christy Bergland Intergenerational Dialogue Series

Intergenerational Dialogue Series

Within a solar etching workshop I attended, I began working with multiple images of many generations of my family in what emerged as preverbal dialogues between them - now made conscious within my imagination.

Christy Bergland Portrait Series

Portrait Series

A good portrait must have a physical likeness of the subject about which these characteristics of likeness reflect the subject's internal life. Having said that, the portrait must "work" as a good art piece regardless of subject matter.

Christy Bergland Apple Tree Series

Apple Tree Series

These apple tree pieces painted through the 4 seasons, emerged out of the seasonal paintings of Great Pond. Biddeford Pool Maine is home to very old apple trees, some wildly scraggly, a few immaculately pruned and all planted close to the farm houses which first populated this southern Maine peninsula.