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Figure Drawings

A mainstay in the development of my drawing ability is working from The Figure and the space in which that Figure is found. It is here where I risk experimenting with various media while continuing to probe the integrity of The Figure as I experience it.

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Model and the GlobeSketchMusic by CelloRestingPortraitShoesModels on Federal St

Morton Group #1

3 ModelsModel on a CouchFigure and VaseChristie in the Cork FactoryMany Figures with PaulMany SessionsMany FiguresPaul's Puti with Jordon and MuseMostly JordonA Fat Man Model #2A Fat Man Model #1Jim at Creative AllianceChristy in NovemberJoe Drawing in Paul's StudioPaul's Studio January 2013Pond Nymphs, Remembering Joe's StudioPond NymphsStudio Figure Drawing 2/2009Studio Figure Drawing 3Studio Figure Drawing with Joe's Painting


A good portrait must have a physical likeness of the subject about which these characteristics of likeness reflect the subject's internal life. Having said that, the portrait must "work" as a good art piece regardless of subject matter.

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Don and Eileen in The Retreat Courtyard of Sheppard Pratt HospitalcharleyMrs. Orphan, Bookkeeper, at the Woman's Industrial Exchange Circles - Don Webb at Work Miss Willy Contemplates  Eternity Helen Mower with Mrs. Baker Helen Mower at Home Dorothy Bergland at HomeKimble Road Self PortraitGuilford Ave. Self PortraitMiss LydiaViola Walsh at Home Ingmar Bergman - "Cries and Whispers" Self-Portrait between the Jones Falls Valley and a Maine AssemblageClifford at the Woman's Industrial Exchange Kurt Richter Vry's Homeless Hawaiian Bridegroom with MimiLiza Frank at Home Contemplates Art Through TimeCharlotteTrevorHelen FrancesBojjwillclairealexjjannekeBaltimore Studio Self PortraitMaine Self Portrait Jay In Her Acupuncture Office With Moonlight and Trees After R.A. Blakelock and J. Hyde

Intergenerational Dialogues

Within a solar etching workshop I attended, I began working with multiple images of many generations of my family in what emerged as preverbal dialogues between them - now made conscious within my imagination.

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People of the Celestial  Rusting Marsh 4 Generations with  Lucy's Offspring Swedes and English Greats in Ochre and Rose Swedes and English Greats in Ochre and GreenSwedes and English Greats in Green and RedSwedes and English Greats in Ashes Blue Family Ghosts #1 Blue Family Ghosts #2 4 Generations Twice

Early Seasons of Great Pond Series

This 5 panel panorama series of the Early Seasons of Great Pond follows the Late Seasons series. Here I have also included a Late Summer panel, a nod to acupuncture's 5th season.

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early springearly summerlate summerearly autumnearly winter

Late Seasons Of Great Pond Series

My 16 piece series of the Late Seasons of Great Pond where my Maine studio is located was inspired by my being profoundly moved by my experience as an acupuncture patient and coming to be with the many seasons and climates within me.

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Late Summer Great Pond Eastern QuadrantLate Summer Great Pond Southeastern QuadrantLate Summer Great Pond Southwestern QuadrantLate Summer Great Pond Western QuadrantLate Autumn Great Pond Eastern QuadrantLate Autumn Great Pond Southeastern QuadrantLate Autumn Great Pond Southwestern QuadrantLate Autumn Great Pond Western Quadrant
Late Winter Great Pond Eastern QuadrantLate Winter Great Pond Southeastern QuadrantLate Winter Great Pond Southwestern QuadrantLate Winter Great Pond Western QuadrantLate Spring Great Pond Eastern QuadrantLate Spring Great Pond Southeastern QuadrantLate Spring Great Pond Southwestern QuadrantLate Spring Great Pond Western Quadrant


Other Landscapes

Where ever I travel I am most at home painting and drawing along the way.

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Smith Island Evening - Mill Reef, Antiqua W.I.Early Morning Light - Ausable ClubLate Evening - Adirondack Field and SkyIt was Autumn…Now it's SpringAdirondack Porch: Context and Experience Elephant Rock BeachAdirondack Field #1 Adirondack Field #2 Adirondack Field #3 Adirondack Field #4 Adirondack Field #5 Adirondack Field #6 Adirondack Treeline The World Above the World Below Are the Same World

Brown Ink Gallery

The warmth of the brown color; the freshness of working with ink and the exciting challenge of continuing the drawing process no matter what kind of marks happen, is my most immediate connection with discovery.

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Lobster Boat off East PointRocks to East PointToward East PointZephyr Stalking in the Maryland CountrysideLittle BeachClipper RD of Old Looking North/Looking South Now
Soft Rocks with Weeds and Wild FlowersSeahorses Emerge at Great PondBirds at the PointEast Point, Biddeford Pool, Maine A Lifetime in the RocksThe Dragon in Winter at Great PondTrudy Black's Apple TreeWilby Apple TreeMcPheeter's Apple TreeChristy Moore's Apple TreeA Raining Day at Great Pond - In Memory of Rick who is so much a part of Biddeford PoolAutumn Disappearing into WinterWood Island rocksTrudy's View - BP MaineTurn Around DrawingView Across Jones Fall ValleyPorch View Maine #2 Porch View Maine #1 Porch Railing and Pond Ink Overview East Point Wood Island Clipper Road Past and Present Ausable River Finds NoonmarkWinter Ice Hockey Great Pond Early Spring, Eastern Quadrant, Great PondAcross the Columbia Gorge - OregonEarly Winter, Eastern Quadrant, Great PondThaw, Frozen Winter Great Pond/ Eastern QuadrantWinter Foxes

Collaborative Pieces

My life as an artist is part of an artistic tradition through time. I learn from the masters - one way is to make visual duets with them.

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Mining the Rocks in Biddeford Pool Maine #3Storm Breaking Up Over  Great PondEagle's Nest Rocks with RelicsOcean Ave. Rocks with  Blue Lobster Buoy, Relics and CreaturesFossils in the Rocks - Animals of Altamira Come to Visit Wood Island Model Contemplating AntiquityGrave Stele of Hegeso, Daughter of Proxemos with Figures from Pompeii Poseidon and Hermes Visit to East PointHarper from Keros (2800-2300 BC) Plays on Wood IslandCycladic Goddess at South PointGhosts after Harvesting - after BruegelAfter Giorgiones the Temptest Felix Ziem's Grand Canal With a Walled Garden ViewGiacometti Installs His Work In An Alber Like Space Giovanni Bellini Angels In A Venetian Courtyard Giovanni Bellini Resighted John Constable at the Victoria and Albert Museum #3 & 4# John Constable at the Victoria and Albert Museum #5 Key Margo Cat With Fossils in the Rocks and Sky Leonardo's Visit To Maine Floating Maenad from Pompeii 100-79 AD, Winter- A Sheppard Pratt Window ViewJohn Constable at the V and A -#1 & 7 Men from Pompeii Fishing on Great Pond

Wooden and Acrylic Box Series

This series sprang out of my recognition that external reality is the contextual container for internal experience. Hence I began using the wooden acrylic box as the vehicle for this concept.

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Sheppard Pratt HospitalWhere is Jay? here, there and everywhere...Viola Walsh's Stone House Bishop Hill A Swedish Colony's Life Cycle Antisocial Personality Disorder Yoriko's Summer in Vermont -The Healing Case of a Japanese Boy with Clinical Depression Journey From.... Woodberryscape #5 - The Jones Falls Valley Series A Sheppard Pratt Corridor Echos its Conferences Vry, Summer 2002 Vermont Roadway, SummerA Vermont Storm Moving In Essex Ferry #2 European Trip to Artists, Saints and FamilyBryan's Folly or Leonora Carrington's Visit to BaltimoreThe Wye Oak at Wye House - a Colonial Pig Reflects on the Lloyd Family's Stewardship of this Great White Oak in the 17th Century

Encaustic Collage Series

The encaustic collage series furthers the depth of experience that the acrylic box series began by allowing multiple layers using wax from thick impasto to paper thin translucent veils.

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Encaustic Mexican SoccerMaine Studio with Ancestors Hertage #1 The Power of the Dream or Saturn's Encaustic Sea Heritage #2 - Bergland Folk Heritage #3 with Maine Paintings Baltimore Studio with Family Ghosts After Harvesting - After Bruegel

Cityscape Paintings

From views from my Baltimore studio in the Jones Falls Valley the artworks which have emerged are in part a confirmation and celebration of my sense of being where I am.

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window 6Meadow Mill and  Stonehouse #1 Meadow Mill and  Stonehouse #1 Hamden House Meadow Mill #2Window #2 Studio Window Hamden House Meadow Mill #1 Pepsi Sign

Maine Landscapes

My Maine studio provides a home for my point of view of land and sea. Again the works confirm and celebrate my relationship with this beautiful world.

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Moon Day RocksFound Birds at Day's LandingConvent Emerging from the Beach #2late spring great pond 2016From South Point to the Big BeachConvent Emerging from the Beach #1Great Pond in WinterWinter Ice Hockey Great Pond It was Autumn…Now it's Spring
Spring to Summer Turning to Autumn at Great Pond
Wood Island - JuneLobster Boat off Wood IslandBig Beach Trilogy #1Big Beach Trilogy #2Big Beach Trilogy #3Maine Farm 3Red BicycleRocks and OceanRocks and OceanWinter Barn...Maine EveningWood Island Light and the Field #7Wood Island Light and the Field #5 Wood Island Light and the Field #4 Fossils in the Rocks A Lobster Boat Memory The Maine Studio on Great Pond  With Deer and FoxLate Spring Western Quadrant  Great PondTwo Figures- Moonlight  Near South Point

Photo Collage Series

The Photo Collage Series began when I found I could join images, which often had opposite elements, to reflect a transition (with a seam) into one whole image. For instance, in "Ice-Sky Winter BP Maine" the ice becomes sky and the sky becomes ice.

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More Ocean Ave RocksA View from Vermont CollegeOnce a Summer Studio, Now FallEgyptian Son of Ra with Shadow Visits the Coast of MaineA Roman Bird and her Shadow Visit the Coast of MaineEnchantment on the Old Pool RoadIn RemembranceAnimals at Great PondIce-Sky Winter, BP Maine Spirit Circle- Maine Spirit Circle - Maine #2 Spirit Circle - Maine #3Spirit Circle - Maine #4Shadow Self-Portrait with Winslow Homer in Maine #1Topsy-Turvy Caines in Maine (BP) Shadow Self-Portrait with Winslow Homer in Maine #2South Point Tidal Pool

Apple Tree Series

These apple tree pieces painted through the 4 seasons, emerged out of the seasonal paintings of Great Pond. Biddeford Pool Maine is home to very old apple trees, some wildly scraggly, a few immaculately pruned and all planted close to the farm houses which first populated this southern Maine peninsula.

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Summer Apple Tree with Tree Spirits Fall Apple Tree with Tree SpiritsWinter Apple Tree with Tree SpiritSpring Apple Tree with Tree SpiritTrudy Black's Ghost Apple Tree Season #1McPheeter's Apple Tree in 4 Seasons #5Christy Moore Millet's Apple Tree in 4 Seasons #1Wilby Apple Tree in 4  Seasons #11Christy Moore Millet's Apple Tree in 4 Seasons #22Trudy Black's Ghost Apple Tree in 4 Seasons #22McPheeter's Apple Tree in 4 Seasons #22Wilby Apple Tree in 4  Seasons #22Lindsay's Summer | Winter Apple Tree Self Portrait within an Apple Tree